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The social discourse prevalent in Israel, and among combat soldiers, in particular, is that needing support is a weakness and therefore asking for help is taboo. In addition, if an individual turns to psychological support via official channels they are required to expose their selves physically and emotionally in front of committees whilst pleading their case.

As opposed to the common practice, we provide ex-combat (special forces) IDF soldiers 12 meetings with a therapist without jumping through bureaucratic hoops. Our discreet system locates those in need via informal platforms; and whilst keeping their identity confidential pairs them with a professional. This is in the hopes to improve their lives and the lives of those surrounding them.



Our process is simple and most importantly it is based on privacy.



We identify and locate ex-combat soldiers via informal platforms such as specific units WhatsApp groups or Facebook pages. If you have someone you would like us to contact, click here.


We pair each ex-combat solder with a professional near them, providing 12 free meetings. We pride our self on privacy, thus we don't collect status reports or updates. If you would like to join the support team please click here.

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We believe this can improve the quality of life of the ex-combat solder as well as their families, coworkers, and the Israeli society as a howl.

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"And anyone who saves a single soul from Israel, he is deemed by Scripture as if he had saved a whole world."

Mishna, Sanhedrin 4:5 - Part 2

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