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שומר אחי

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Mission Statment

Our mission is to make mental health assistance accessible to IDF veterans without bureaucracy or the stigma that accompanies getting help.

In More Detail

The social discourse prevalent in Israel and among combat soldiers is that needing support is a weakness and therefore asking for help is taboo. Standard Army procedure for treatment of mental health issues requires a formal application process through the Ministry of Defense. Consequently, veterans are reluctant to apply for assistance because it becomes part of their permanent record. While veterans may choose to seek therapy through private sources, this is often not financially feasible for many of those who desperately need this service.

Guardian Brothers has a uniquely different approach to helping our veterans with their mental health issues. We identify veterans in need and can encourage them to begin the healing process in privacy without a heavy financial burden, by providing them with 12 therapy sessions for free. We are the only organization that ensures total and complete confidentiality as there is no linkage to a veteran’s military record. Instead, our discreet system locates those in need via informal platforms, and while keeping their identity confidential, pairs them with a professional in the hope of improving their lives and the lives of those surrounding them. 

How We Do It

Our process is simple and most importantly it is based on privacy.


We advertise our assistance through veterans' Facebook pages, WhatsApp groups, nonprofits, and reserve duty commanders.

We encourage those who need help but do not seek it actively to take the first step towards a better future. 

If you know someone who could use our assistance, click here.


Every veteran who reaches out to us receives the phone number of our head therapist. 
Based on their initial meeting and evaluation, he matches the veteran with a quality therapist close to where they live and oversees the process. 
The 12 free sessions are provided while maintaining complete privacy and discretion.

To join our therapist team click here.


We believe that the circle of influence of mental health assistance is wider than the individual receiving the treatment. 
These treatments can improve the quality of life of the veterans and the lives of their family members, co-workers, and everyone around them. 
In a broader sense, these treatments benefit the entire Israeli society. 

If you would like to support us, click here to donate.

"And anyone who saves a single soul from Israel, he is deemed by Scripture as if he had saved a whole world."

Mishna, Sanhedrin 4:5 - Part 2

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