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Yaakov Smith, Adv
Major in Reserves
CEO & Founder
Guardian Brother 

I have taken on this cause because, like many other veterans, my army experience as a Company Commander, invaluable as it was, made the transition to civilian life challenging. Often the Army experience trains soldiers to give orders and to focus exclusively on the implementation of the task at hand. The idea of considering someone else’s feelings, engaging in a reciprocal conversation, and negotiating, is a foreign concept. In more severe cases, veterans struggle with various degrees of PTSD. The inability to effectively engage with society (work, family, friends, etc.) often leads to frustration and a sense of isolation and alienation and results in difficulties integrating into civilian life.

With the creation of Guardian Brother, I'm hoping to remedy this problem.

Every veteran who has experienced the battlefield carries a burden with him! All of us - there are no exceptions.

Therefore, both under the direct responsibility of commanders and as private individuals, we must talk about our mental health, seek professional assistance and take care of ourselves. 
We deserve a normal and healthy life even though what we carry within our hearts and souls may weigh us down. 

Goodwill Ambassador of Guardian Brother
Dr. (Major General, Ret’) Yom-Tov Samia
General Manager for Israel
GE - Gas Power Co


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